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National Competition SCILEANNA GAIRME 2023 from SaolOibre and AIB

National Competition ‘SCILEANNA GAIRME 2023’ from SaolOibre and AIB with support from COGG

Are you a transition year student or doing the leaving cert?

Tell us about the career skills you learnt during work experience and you could win some brilliant prizes including MacBook Air, GoPro Camera and 1,000 for your school.

This fantastic competitions all to do with your work experience. It will give you a chance to reflect on the career skills you developed and show how these skills could be of benefit in your future career.

1st prize – MacBook Air & €1,000 for the school

We will also be accepting vlog applications.

Closing date: 20th April 2023

To enter the competition please speak with the transition year coordinator in your school, the applied advanced certificate, advanced certificate career programme, with your Career Guidance Teacher or visit the website here for more information

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