Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach


TG4 Foghlaim, COGG and University of Galway welcome applicants for the competition, Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach 2024.

This is a brand-new competition that stemmed from the Journalism specialism – – ‘Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach’.

Since Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach began, over a thousand students are after learning about Journalism and Current affairs from some of the best Irish Journalists in the country.

Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach gives transition year students a chance to learn from journalists who are working in the journalism fields and their skills and to develop their own skills to do practical work. The aim of Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach is to inspire a new generation who is inquisitive, knowledgeable and understanding about the news and current affairs.

To suppport this competition, TG4 FoghlaimCOGG and Ollscoil na Gaillimhe will provide learning resources to give encouragement and support to the classroom.

Resources – Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach Competition 2024


Schools register fo the competition here and they begin covering the ‘Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach’ resources that are available on TG4 Foghlaim, in the classroom.

The teaching and learning resources are used to sort out students to prepare the school’s application.

The students will be working in groups (four or five) and the group will be asked to create an all-platform news piece.

To enter the competition students must create an all-platform news piece and publish the piece on a blog e.g. WordPress, blogger, Weebly, Edublog. On the blog, the applicants must include the below aspects:

1. Recorded news item
2. Written news paragraph
3. Image
4. Audio clip


Recorded News Piece

Between 3 and 5 minutes in total. An interview with somebody famous in the area; a report about a sports game; a report about an environmental conspiracy; a report about the challenges young people face. 

Written News Piece

Schools are asked to publish a written paragraph on the blog that goes with the recorded news piece. Between 200 and 250 words in the paragraph is recommended.


Young people are asked to publish suitable images that describe the video piece and the written piece.

How does a school send an application in?

 Schools are asked to make one application from the school and send it into  

When is the learning program starting?

The learning program will start on the 15th January 2024 and the resources will be available on the  TG4 Foghlaim website.


The deadline is the 22nd March 2024. 

Award Ceremony

The award presentation will take place in Galway on the 9th May 2024 


A panel of judges will judge the applications and there will be an award ceremony where the prizes will be presented at a special event in May 2024. The winners will have an opportunity to visit TG4 and Ollscoil na Gaillimhe and the News pieces of the winners (copyright approved) will be published on TG4 platforms.


Any question can be sent to us at
Educational advantageS

Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach fosters the interest of school students in the media and journalism. Students will learn through the teaching materials about the following:

News Sources
How/What the best way to research?
The Importance of the Gaeltacht
How best to create written content and the role of print media ?
How/what is the best way to create information content?
How to create raidio content for young people?
The Importance of the Role of Women in the Sports Sector
News coverage through the Irish-Medium


Iriseoirí an Lae Amárachwas set up to foster understanding, knowledge and respect among transition year school students in Journalism and in the News. The aim of Iriseoirí an Lae Amárach is to inspire a new generation to take up Journalism and encourage them to write, record and cover news content in a reliable, enjoyable and knowledgeable way.

The teaching resources that are available with the competition give students a chance to be knowledgeable regarding current affairs, and to understand the importance associated with sharing and covering stories locally and internationally.

Iriseoirí an Lae Amárachaims to show young people that there are employment opportunities in this department.